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WoW, Gamer Fringe!

I saw Gamer and it was awesome! I would probably have to recommend that, unless you are like me and MUST SEE IT NOW!!!!! That you’d probably be better off waiting and renting it. I didn’t mind the violence much, but I talked to someone else who watched it, and the first thing they said was that the gore was a bit over the top. I didn’t really notice because the only type of gore that gets to me is when organs are involved, like that one zombie movie. Dawn of the Dead, I think. Anyway, the thing that got me was the game Societies. *Shudder* I will never EVER play a life simulation game. EVER. Not even The Sims!! I’m pretty sure it was mocking Second Life because Second Life needs to be mocked, but it was pretty crude. Basically, the genius behind Slayers, the game where you can play a convicted criminal in a war zone, also created Societies, where you can play a real person in a Second Life-ish world. Yeah, everything disturbing you’ve ever heard about Second Life? That seems to be the focus in Societies…

Anyway, the ending of this movie VERY satisfying.  And it was amusing seeing everyone’s favorite serial killer Dexter playing the villain. And he’s the funny sort of insane, making people dance before a  big battle and stuff.  I wish the wife had been a bit more useful. She didn’t really seem to do anything helpful,  but what do you expect from a movie about big manly men? You expect violence and explosions!

Anyway, the next thing on my rant list is Fringe. I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll just say that they killed one of the characters in the season 2 opener. And they burned the body so there is no chance of him coming back… Sad… Don’t worry, it’s not Peter, the amusing sarcastic one. If he died, I’d stop watching it all together. But anyway, there was a rumor circulating that the actor that played the character had been fired, but now I’m starting to wonder if it was just a bad pun. He was burned, fired. Either way, he is gone and I am upset. I guess there is always the chance that his character from the other world will come into play a bit more, but that’s just wishful thinking on my part. I’ll still keep watching it, of course, but then I’m still watching Supernatural even though they don’t fight anything interesting anymore, and Sam is stupid.

And now we move onto video games.

The most shocking news being that I am going to give World of Warcraft another shot.  I still don’t like the art much, but everyone I know is playing, and I’m tired of being a hermit, so I’d better get into the loop. Now, don’t anyone get your hopes up. Knowing me, I’ll play for a couple weeks, then get bored and vanish.  The highest level I have ever gotten is lvl 25. This is why I try to avoid paytoplay games.. They say it is addicting, though, so hopefully that means it can hold my attention. I'll post my character's name and surver when I create it, though, so everyone can bug me ^^

Also, Batman: Arkham Asylum is fantastic. Particularly the levels against the Scarecrow. The Scarecrow is an expert in making people face their fears, so that is always fun.

And finally, Scribblenauts. Wow, it is amazing how much work they put into that. I feel lame and uncreative, though, since I’ve solved most puzzles with a helicopter and rope… Some funny things, though: If you enter Dingo and Baby, the dingo will eat the baby. (The line, "dingo ate my baby") If you enter Cthulhu, it creates a giant squid dragon thing that can kill pretty much anything. Any advice on what I should enter next?

A very long rant about 9

So yeah, I've vanished off the internet once again. Been such a long time since I"ve posted anything! And sorry, hopefully I'll get to catching up on reading everyones' posts soon! 

I thought I’d talk about 9 for now. (When I get a chance,I'll posts a link to the trailer for anyone who doesn't know what it is, and a link to the original, that I'll mention later)

It really is a great movie. The animations are fantastic, but then they were in the original as well. For those who don’t know, some guy made an animated video and stuck it on youtube (he probably has a website, but that’s where I watched it) Tim Burton liked it, and bought it. Or something along those lines. The guy who originally made it also directed the movie, so I guess Tim Burton might have just sponsored it.

Anyway, one thing I will say is that, despite how awesome it looked, it seemed to be missing a lot. I tried really hard to like it, but there was just something missing. It didn’t really help that the storyline didn’t make any sense. And the characters! They could have been so interesting, but we hardly got to know anyone. I was especially interested it 6, because he was the crazy one and also the only one who seemed to know what was going on.

And now for some spoilers.

The storyline made no sense! Maybe that’s why I felt so unsatisfied after watching it. It could have been epic, but it wasn’t. Anyway, from what I can tell, if the main character hadn’t been stupid to begin with, no one would have died and the round thing (the thing the scientist used to make the main characters. I don’t think they ever called it anything, so from now on, it will be known as the round thing) wouldn’t have done anything. Also, if the girl (7, I think) could kill the cat-looking monster so easily, why didn’t she do it a long time ago? I was under the impression that there was only one, so if she had killed it a long time ago, the main characters could have lived peacefully and there’d be really no point to the movie…

So, I guess what would be different is this:

The story should have been set up more as a tragedy. It seemed like someone had to die, because of what the round thing did in the end, and the scientist did leave it to 9. Well, I guess it doesn’t HAVE to be 9 that uses it and dies in the end.  And if anyone else gets killed by the machines, I suppose no one else really HAS to die, but if we’re gonna go that route, the other death scenes are going to have to change.

It’s just, all the deaths throughout the movie seem rather pointless and you don’t feel bad for anyone because you hardly know them, so either less people should die, or the deaths should be spread out a bit more so we have time to get to know everyone. It was pretty awesome what the machines did with 2’s body, so I definitely wouldn’t change that. But 8, I was actually kinda happy when he died cause he was a bit annoying… Otherwise his death was completely lame. Honestly, they really should have gone to the scientist’s house before going back there, because it was just annoying going back and forth. The snake thing can capture people there, instead. Also, if we’re going to go this way (the people that died get to fuel the round thing and bring life back to the planet, as opposed to someone having to volunteer) someone (Perhaps the scientist) should be a bit more specific to what it does. Honestly, I thought 9  was going to put the souls back into the bodies (um, how do we get 2 back?) because it seemed very doable, but if we go that way(the only reason we would is if we wanted to follow the original but liked the idea of someone having to sacrifice themselves) it’d be kind of lame if EVERYONE came back, so someone would have to die permanently. Maybe 1 or something. I liked the scene where 9 was about die, and 1 pushed him out of the way. If it is going to be a truly heroic death, maybe they all knew that this one would be permanent (if they had all gone to the house before this, maybe they all knew what was going on, and the machine has a max amount of souls it can keep? I don’t know, out of ideas.)

Oh, and the cat thing. It was really pointless to have the main character awaken the machine, so they should go back to having the cat thing as a recurring monster that they can’t seem to defeat. That way it is pretty much inevitable that it will steal the round thing and the plot no longer relies on 9’s stupidity.  And it’s just dumb to have 7 kill it so easily…

On a side note, did anyone else find the twins, 3 and 4, completely pointless? They had no dialog and only served as a plot device to give the main characters an idea of what was going on. 7, the girl, could have stumbled across the right book while she was living alone, or even 6 the crazy one could have found it because the crazy one always knows where to find things.  And it’d be more realistic if there had been casualties while they were hiding from the war.

Anyway, that’s enough story speculating. I think someone should rewrite it so that it is truly epic and satisfying so I can stop trying to figure out how it should have been. So yeah! You! Reading my journal! Your punishment for spending your time reading this pointlessness is to write the story how it should have been! Feel free to ignore any and all of my speculations!

And I’m gonna go wander off now. It really was a cool movie, which makes the disappointing stuff all the more disappointing.

Guilds and stuff

So, a friend recommended The Guild to me. Since it has Felicia Day in it, and she was in Doctor Horrible‘s sing-along Blog, which was awesome, I figured I’d give it a shot. It’s a bit wrong at times, but otherwise I like it. It’s about a bunch of people in a guild on an online game. It’s pretty amusing, since the characters pretty much live in said online game. The final scene was especially amusing, with them having a “battle” against one of the character’s mother.

Yeah, watching it makes me want to go back to playing online games. Rohan Online is my current favorite. I think character design and how the graphics are presented is a big factor on how much I like a game. Not particularly fond of the brightly colored "cute" design. Next, of course, is selection in races, classes, and game play. Sure, the Dark Elves in Rohan look like Vampires, but at least they have more of a selection of races than most. You can be a dragon person! As for game play, I like ridiculously high numbers when it comes to damage. Lord of the Rings is kinda fun, but if I remember correctly, my lvl 30 character was doing around 50 damage. In Rohan, my elf healer (non fight class, mind you) is doing damage in the 1000’s, and she's lvl 20. That, and Rohan is more friendly to people like me who enjoy soloing once in a while.  Besides all that, Rohan is free! 

Anyway, so yeah. I’m on the Syrephis server (hint hint, come join me!) I've recently realized how fun it is to party with other people. Especially since I'm a healer and, well, kinda die a lot when I go all suicidal and charge into a mob.

Well, sorry, I vanished off the internet again. It happens some time. Especially now that I spend all day at work and all I want to do when I get home is sleep. Bad me, I know

First thing’s first. I got a new cube a while back at work. I used to be back in a deserted corner and the only time I saw anyone is when they accidently stumbled back there cause they were lost (exaggeration) Now, however, I got a nice window seat with a view of a parking garage and the sky. I’m good with that, though. The building blocks the sun most of the time which I am always pleased about. Of course, I got put next to the most talkative person in the building. Even when he’s working, he finds ways of still being the loudest my making nasty sounds while he eats, yawning and sighing every few minutes, and groaning, muttering, and cursing under his breath when he’s not doing the other things. Jeez, I had no idea that could be so annoying. Needless to say, I got the earplug-looking headphones. Unfortunately, if I use those, people can sneak up on me, or I might unintentionally ignore people. It’s awkward when someone is standing beside you saying your name for 5 minutes before you notice.

So yeah, enough complaining about that. I’ve been watching tv shows like crazy lately, so this’ll just be a brief overview of stuff I’ve seen. Along with quotes I find so amusing I must share.

"If this goes bad, please die first so my last moment can be joyous."

I’m not much into scifi (except for Star Trek and Doctor Who, of course) but I really enjoyed this show. Quite good. It did however feel like it ended abruptly. It felt like there should be much more, especially it feels like they just introduced the three new girls (Sikozu, the three-eyed lady who’s name escapes me, and Jool. Of course, I guess that’s what happens when I show gets canceled. That, and I haven’t had a chance to see the movies they made after the fourth season finale. Aren’t cliffhangers awesome? (sarcasm)

Heh, and thanks to all the made up cuss words in all the shows I’ve been watching, you know that at some point, I’m gonna use “frelling” in a conversation with someone who’s never seen it and will just look at me funny as I desperately try to change the subject.

Star Trek
(Just a hint, the red shirts always die... except for Scottie of course)

Since we're on the scifi topic, the new Star Trek movie!! As a fan of the old show, I definitely say recommend everyone see it. Macoy is just as awesome as before, and Spock as well. I'd point out that Checkov wasn't supposed to join their crew until later, but they kind of explain that in the movie.

Oh, and the reason that they asked Lenard Nemoy (the original Spock) to be in the movie, and not William Shatner(the original Kirk) is because Kirk's character actually died onscreen in one of the movies. I can't remember which though... It was one with Pickard, that's all I remember. So yeah, and with the actors that played Macoy and Scottie no longer with us, at leaves Nemoy.

“It’s like a grab-bag of disturbing events!” – Walter Bishop
Anyway, I think my new obsession is Fringe. I just love shows that deal with supernatural stuff. I’d like it better if they didn’t put everything up to scientific experiments, but then not everything can be like Supernatural. But yeah, while Supernatural is being stupid, I’ll obsess about Fringe for a while.

Basically it’s about an FBI agent who recruits a crazy scientist who’s been in a mental institute for 17 years (yes, you gotta love the crazy old dude) and his son, who is fantastically sarcastic. They are barely hinting about it, but I totally think he and the main character like each other. Especially since the crazy old scientist keeps trying to drop hints to the main character that his son likes her. “When you disappeared, my son as really worried about you! I was worried too, but not as worried as him, of course. It’s true!”

Anyway, so their job is to try and figure out what’s going on when something weird happens. Usually this involved computer viruses that can kill people, teleportation devices, and viruses that cause all of a person’s flesh to decay and fall off in seconds. Some of it is a bit graphic, unfortunately, but it’s rather brief so tolerable. Besides, the one guy’s sarcasm tends to distract you.

I also saw Castle, which is awesome because it’s about a writer. And Dollhouse which is interesting, but not exactly my favorite, despite being by Joss. Firefly is much better.

 Being Human
“I’m a ghost, actually.” – Annie
“Really? Can you move things about and walk from one room to another?” – Vampire
“You know, I’m pretty sure everyone can do that.” George
I quite liked this show. It is a British show about a Vampire, Werewolf, and Ghost all living together. As always, there’s the traditional Vampires-trying-to-take-over-the-world plot, which is always fun, but I suppose not very original. The best thing about the show, however, is the random quotes that are just too amusing. Otherwise, it’s just a nice little show (I say little because there are only 7 episodes) that’s fun to watch. That, and I’m happy that FINALLY the Werewolf isn’t a jerk. Lupin is the only other Werewolf that I can think of that isn’t a womanizing jerk with anger issues. Sure, he gets a little moody and stuff around the full moon, but that’s understandable. And the obvious comparison with women is always amusing. Unfortunately, I think we’re gonna have to wait forever for a season 2.

Other then tv shows, I got bored and decided to try some video games that I wouldn't normally play. The two games I rented were Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto 4.

I didn't enjoy Saints Row much. Just to spite these kinds of games, I go out of my way to drive around the city as carefully as possible. Of course, you're supposed to run people over and smash cars and even receive points for it, so I think I was missing the point of the game. Sure, I enjoy a bit of death and destruction (ok, more that a bit) but it just gets old after a while. Besides, driving carefully is actually much more difficult. Anyway, Saints Row didn’t have much of a plot either. Sure, it was amusing to make my gang a suit-wearing group of thugs that did a little jig for their salute, but that’s really all there was to it. The plot just seemed to be getting more people to join your gang and messing with rivals.

Thanks to my short attention span, I didn’t play that one long. Instead, I moved on to GTA 4. Now, I just started this one last night (while I should have been sleeping, but it was too damn hot to do such a thing) so I’m sure it’ll get boring just as fast, but at least there are more characters. If there is no plot, interesting characters can sometimes make up for it. Of course, this is definitely a game for guys, since the main character’s cousin is always going on about women in ways that would make me beat the crap out of him if I was there in person, and it came off as juvenile he goes on about it so often. Ignoring that, I like the character interaction more than Saints Row, but I know taking people out to go bowling is going to get agonizingly irritating soon.

Ah well, it was an interesting experiment, trying these games out. However, I won’t consider any of these “sandbox” games truly perfect until you can get an office job, work at Wal-Mart, or be a bum in addition to what the game was made for, which is running people over and fighting gangs. Oh, and also talk to and make friends with every single person you see wandering around (they have to have unique dialog, though. They can’t be clones of each other like in Fable.) And they actually ahve to have interesting dialog. No more of the boring bowling mini games. Only then will I consider it as one of the best games ever. Oh, and you should totally be able to be a Quixote type dude, running around with a sword. I haven’t seen any swords sold in GTA. Oh! And is it too much to ask to play as a girl? I don’t want to be a dude!

Almost forgot. I never actually talked about Watchmen. At least I don't think I did. Anyway since this post is already rediculously long, I'll make this short. It would have been a fantastic movie if Rorschach was the only main character. Having so many other characters (most of them you don't even care about) made things really long and drawn out(the weird choice of music didn't help). That, and there were several 20 minute sex scenes (ok, exageration, but when you're trying to distract yourself with candy and popcorn until the scene is over, time stubornly slows down.) Anyway, I will no doubt make everyone I know see it, but first I'll get it on my computer and cut out everything that doesn't ahve to do with Rorschach's awesomeness. Besides that, the blue guy needs pants... Awkward.

*sigh* vanished again

apparently I'm getting good at that. Heh, one of these I'll go back and comment on everyones' posts . Anyway, been feeling a bit sentamental lately. And irritated, but that's probably just because of my stupid art appreciation teacher. She is such a narcissist.

And I lost my book! Last Guardian of Everness by John C. Wright is probably my favorite book (amazing, since the Dresden books are so awesome) and I was trying to start the second book, Mists of Everness, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. It's been a while since I've actually wanted to read so I was really looking forward to it. That, and I really need a fantasy book to read. Sure, Dresden is great, but it's modern times! after a while I start missing the knights and the epic battles. And we definately cant forget the swords and tactics. I guess technically the Everness books are modern day too, but they're passing back and forth between reality and the "dream world" with it's freaky monsters. And the the mythology from all different cultures made me very happy. Koschi the Deathless, how much more awesome and creepy can you get? Oh, and the Selkie!! Those things are freaky.
Anyway, so yeah, I definately recomend those books. I'd reread the first one, but I loaned it to a friend in Fairbanks.

Oh oh!! I did, however, get a nice leatherbound book of Poe! It's very pretty. And I ordered several very British books. The Importance of Being Earnest. Yes, there are two movies based after it, which were very awesome, so the book should be even better! I also got a book by Wodehouse, which the tv show Jeeves and Wooster is based after. I was actually kinda surprised I liked these, because there really isn't much plot, but there are several things I just can't resist, and these had all of it. English accents, tophats, canes, and awesome dialog! I wish I could talk like some of these people. Looks like I'll ahve to wait to get my fantasy fix.
Yeah, I guess I just haven't had much to say, which is lame because I really need to rant about Watchman and how awesome Rorschach is, but I've fallen into the "nothing sounds fun but I'm so bored!" pit again, so I basically sit around staring at my computer screen, maybe playing 5 minutes of random games, before returning to the desk top and wondering what to do next. I also should talk about Bioshock because it's pretty awesome (even though it did nearly give me a heart attack!)  Also, I don't feel like writing. I was reading through some of my stuff and all of it bores me. I did find one that I still kinda wanted to continue, but I'm very uncreative right now. I should really just go read.

Ah well, I blame all this on midterms. Man, they were brutal. Mostly because my Japanese teacher snapped and decided to up the amount of kanji we need to know. And, since I know aproximately 10, and she wanted us to know several hundred, I had way too much to do. I won't even go into the 20 minute speach. That speaks for itself. I'm just glad mine was first. I didn't have time to panic, and I'll probably be graded more reasonably.

Anyway, so I'm gonna go do something unproductive now, I suppose. Oh, and I've decided to avoid modern day stories for a while. I used to not mind them, but I came across one where the main character died of cancer. A year ago I probably would have thought it was great because all the sad scenes were actually done properly, but now I guess it's just too close to reality. Maybe I'll be able to read them again, once everything settles down, but for now they just depress me.

There I go, randomly dissapearing

I got Mass Effect last weekend because I heard it's supposed to be good. Also, it's Bioware, and since I'm a huge fan of Baldur's Gate, I figured I had to give it a shot. I also kinda liked Neverwinter Nights, but that was mostly  because of the fanmade mods which are surprisingly good.

Unfortunately, Mass Effect has caused me to loose all hope in the company. There are so many glitches! you have to download a patch to even get it working. That is NOT a good sign. Also, my game tends to die every 10 minues. Sure, it's a pretty fun game, but why haven't they fixed all this yet? You're supposed to test games before you release them. It just seems like they threw it out there just for the sake of it. I should have been worried when I got Nevewinter Nights 2 and it completely sucked. The camera angle makes it impossible to see what you are doing, but I kinda just figured it was the fault of my horribly slow old computer. Also, Mass Effect doesn't support mods and fan-made content, so I can't even rely on that to fill the horrible void... But, I'm starved for a descent game, so I'll probably trudge my way through the glitchy thing anyway...

Moving along, I also started watching Merlin. I was worried at first, because I'm so tired of Arthur stories. They're so wrong! I don't really want to hear about incest, thanks very much. At least this one is much different. Merlin is a teen who is told by a dragon that he's supposed to look out for Arthur, so he becomes his servent. And no, Arthur isn't the nerdy little kid he's supposed to be. Instead, think of a stuck up highschool football player. Morgana is no longer his half sister (THANK YOU!!!!!!) and instead is the king's ward and Arthur's future wife. Also, Gwen is Morgana's maid and she has a crush on Merlin. So yeah, it looks like things aren't going to be increadably annoying! yay! Lancelot showed up for an episode and kinda had a thing for Gwen, but he left so hopefully he won't come back and mess everything up like he did in the original. Also, Morgan was there too. Thank goodness he isn't related to anyone though. He's jsut some little kid. Unfortunately, the dragon warned Merlin not to help the kid because he will ruin everything, but Merlin helped him anyway.... *sigh* so it looks like Mortan's story will end the same. Anyway, one thing I found amusing is that the king is Giles! That actor, Anthony Head, I never made the connection that he's been in Doctor Who (the school episode) Buffy (as Giles) and now this! it amuses me... but yeah, so there's that. I must say that the action scenes are horrible!!! if it's only one person one person, it's ok, but once they get a cged monster in on the actioin, it just looks like they're flailing about wildly at the air. Ah well, I'll just hope that they'll get better with practice.

Video time!

Yeah, I just had to post this. Why? Well, partly because my brother is Joshua Rabe, and also  because it's awesome and I need to start working on making everyone I know see it! 

Anyway, this show is I guess supposed to be a spoof off of The Office. For those of you who haven't seen that show, basically it's about a bunch of weird people working in an office with a camera following them around. My brother and all his friends are IT people, so they decided to do it from that point of view. So yeah, enjoy User Error Episode 1

The weird stuff I watch

Yeah, I've recently started watching a bunch of random british shows. First was A Bit of Fry and Laurie which ilovemypoopy and I discovered when we found out that the guy from House, Hugh Laurie, is a very funny comedian. The other actor, Stephen Fry, is apparently the guy they hire for a lot of the narrating. He narrated Little Big Planet (ps3 game) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the movie, not sure about the audio books) and much more. Anyway, so A Bit of Fry and Laurie is a lot like Monte Python in that they also have a series of short sketches.

I also stumbled across a list of tv shows my cousin had given me and figured I'd look those up too. The first one was Jeeves and Wooster. Heh, this one also has Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. I've only watched a c ouple episodes and it is rather amusing, but I'm afraid there isn't much plot. If you watched and liked The Importance of Being Ernest (the old version, not the new one. Sorry) you'll probably like it. I mainly just find it amusing that the main character is this high society british guy that's always causing trouble (laurie) and his butler that usually ends up fixing all his mistakes (fry). Otherwise, not much to say there. I'll keep watching of course, it'll probably develop a plot eventually ^^

And the other one is Black Adder. You know that guy who played Mr Bean and Johnny English? Yeah, I hated him. I really dont' like embarrising humor. Luckily, he is completely different in this. Sure, he's kind of a moron, but at least it's not anything like the other stuff I've seen him in. I'm not sure if I got this right, because I've only seen the first couple of episodes, but I guess each season takes place in a different time, which of course interests me. The first one is supposedly the "real" story of Richard III. Heh, awesome since I just read Richard III by Shakespeare in a lit class. Heh, I guess "evil Richmond" changed history making it look like Richard III was a horrible person when in reality he was a really nice guy. For those of you who don't know the story, Richard III was a deformed and vicious guy who killed practically everyone so he could be king,  but Richmond, who is supposed to be the hero of the story charges in and kills Richard III.  Heh, this makes me wonder what the other story arcs will be. Anyway, so far it's pretty amusing.

And I'm gonna stop there cause I'm STILL sick and this will all probably turn into mindless babble soon. I'm gonna go eat pie or something.

Of course

I requested all this time off of work and the first day I go back to work, I get sick >< I'm just unlucky like that I guess. Ah well. At least I got to see the Spirit yesterday!

Yeah, just a warning for people who want to go see it, It's... very odd. I went in expecting it to be like the Dark Knight or even Sin City, which would have made sense, because the director of The Spirit also did Sin City (and 300 for that matter.) I was definately taken by surprise because it wasn't anything like the others. The filming style was the same of course, but, thankfully, it wasn't nearly as perverted as Sin City.

It was actually kind of a light and humorous movie. I was expecting it to be really perverted because of all of the women in the cast (is it sad that movies have made me biast against female actors? Heh, and now you know one of the reasons I'll never get into acting) but yeah, it wasn't at all. There was a couple scenes where the main character makes out with different girls, but apparently something about his... unusual situation makes it so that he genuinely falls in love with every girl he meets. He particularly likes this one girl, but I kind of feel bad for her.

But yeah, did I mention how weird the humor was? Just weird! I kind of feel like I couldn't apprecaite the movie thuroughly because I expected it to be so serious and dark! 

One scene, a little sad but also funny. The evil dude, the octopus, captures the Spirit and is telling him a bunch of stuff when he takes out a kitten he announces is named Muffin, his favorite, and he's going to demonstrate something. I was a bit nervous because of similar scenes, but it wasn't nearly as sudden or traumatizing as the one in the Brothers Grimm. It doesn't show anything, thank goodness, but you get the impression that the poor kitten is disintegrating and the Octopus says to his sidekick (Silken Floss, I think. All the girls in this show have strange names) "This is fun! We should have guests over more often." Anyway, the Spirit loves cats. He's got them everywhere, and when he breaks free (he's the hero, he has to break free) he punches octopus several times saying, "This is for me, and this is for Muffin!" lol poor Muffin, but yeah, that scene was rather amusing.

I don't think I've ever seen Samual L. Jackson play a crazy badguy. He was a villain in Jumper, which sucked by the way, but he wasn't really crazy. This was defiantely a new role for him. However, I do wish he'd stop being in every single movie that comes out. Oh, and also, a friend pointed out that in every movie he's in, he says the line, "Did you think you were the only one?" Honestly, that just makesh im more annoying, but surprisingly, he doesn't say that! But then that just means it was replaced by the similar line where he insists that they're the same.

Anyway, so yeah, I don't mind weird so I think I kind of liked the movie (not enough to buy, though, sorry) but if you don't like weird, watch with caution. One thing I must say, I liked Silken Floss. She was kind of awesome. Someone asks her why she's working with the Octopus (she denied being his boyfriend) and she replies that she things all this is increadably fun. Heh, she just amuses me ^^ Oh, and another pretty cool thing, there's a girl that seems to kind of represent death and they gave her the name Lorelei. I wrote about that mythology in the group [info]dark_mythology so I thought that was pretty cool. Well, I guess that's all. This movie was definately unusual and I like it for that, but you defiantely have to appreciate strange humor. maybe I'll start reading the comic after all... After Watchmen, of course.




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